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Who does what at Jambo Bukoba? | Jambo Bukoba

Who does what at Jambo Bukoba?

Jambo Bukoba e. V. is a registered charity. Since 2008 we have been organizing successful workshops for teaching sports in Tanzania; we have provided schools with sports equipment, organized athletics competitions and financed school building projects. Pupils have already made real progress, attendance rates have improved, children know more about health and girls have gained considerably in self-confidence.

Our work is made possible through the engagement of many voluntary members and the generous support of donors, companies and institutions who share our vision.

Clemens Mulokozi
+49 (0)173 / 4 333 202

Clemens grew up in Tanzania. As a marathon runner and through his work in sport sponsorship he knows how important sport can be for a society. In this interview he tells us what the main reasons for his involvement are. English interview transcript

The Supporters of Jambo Bukoba

United Nations

FC Bayern Munich

“We find the aim of Jambo Bukoba of ‘Giving children strength through sport’ and the combination of sport, education and training very convincing. We have been very pleased to support Jambo Bukoba from the very beginning because children are our future and because, unlike adults, children are not yet responsible for their fate. Since 2011 FC Bayern Munich Women’s team have been committed to Jambo Bukoba in order to drive forward our aim of giving ‘equal opportunities to girls’.”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
Chairman of FC Bayern Munich AG and vice-chairman of FC Bayern Hilfe e.V. (Help! – a registered charity)

“Giving children strength through sport is a very persuasive idea. We are particularly attracted by the fact that the promotion of girls’ interests plays such an important part in this project. That provides such an excellent link to our own charitable work.”

Karin Danner
Manager of the FC Bayern Munich women’s section

“We have the good fortune to be born in and to grow up in a world in which there is equality of opportunity and splendid social structures. Children in Tanzania, however, grow up in much more difficult conditions. For this reason I find the idea of Jambo Bukoba of promoting education and equal opportunities terrific, and am delighted to support it.”

Viktoria Schnaderbeck
Player in FC Bayern Munich women’s team

German Sports University in Cologne

“The Institute for European Sports Development and Recreational Research has supported Jambo Bukoba since 2011. In order to strengthen the long-term effectiveness of the project we are contributing to the research programme focusing on current needs, such as the development of teaching and learning skills, the setting-up of workshops, the implementation of a programme of evaluation and the production of text-books. In addition we regularly send students to stay in Tanzania for research purposes or work experience.”

Dr. Karen Petry
Deputy Principal of the Institute for Sport Development and Recreational Research at the German Sports University in Cologne

“As the person responsible for teaching social skills and training in our ‘combatting violence’ programme, together with our involvement in the training of sports teachers I see on a daily basis the power of sport and exercise as a means of strengthening important social skills such as a sense of fair play, teamwork, a sense of responsibility, and self-confidence. The Handbook ‘Life Skills Through Games’ is the result of my two-year specialist research commissioned by the Foreign Office and the German Olympic Sports Federation together with the German sports University in Cologne. My book ‘Lifeskills through Games’ brings together both the teaching philosophy and the practical requirements of the teacher training programme . The programme was worked out together with our Tanzanian partners and is based on preliminary analysis of the current situation and need. “Lifeskills through Games” is designed to meet the needs and conditions on the ground in Tanzania. I hope that with the help of this book we succeed in providing a high-quality programme which contributes to development work.”

Sebastian Rockenfeller
Rockenfeller Training programme and author of the Jambo Bukoba teaching handbook “Life Skills Through Games”

Weltwärts/ASC Göttingen

“We fully support the Charity’s philosophy in teaching of ‘soft skills’ and the responsible approach to HIV/AIDS through professional sports training. Together with the help of two volunteers, we are proud of making a contribution to the work in the Kagera region. In January 2013 I was able to witness at first hand on several occasions the outstanding contribution of Jambo Bukoba in the teaching of sport in schools and its beneficial effect. With a group of 300 children and with total dedication a programme of sport and the teaching of general educational matters took place in a professional way. We are pleased that we are able to contribute through the programme ‘Weltwärts’ (World outlook) – the year-long voluntary development aid service – for which ASC Goettingen has been the recognized provider since 2008.”

Ingo Dansberg
ASC Göttingen von 1846 e.V., Leader of the project for providing volunteers for oversees service

Deutsche Post DHL

“We encourage and support the voluntary involvement of our colleagues. The Jambo Bukoba project is an excellent example of successful and sustained cooperation.”

Birgit Hensel
Vice President Internal Communications, Corporate Communications & Responsibility

“The German postal service is committed to the training of young people. This is fundamental to our programme ‘Go teach’. And so it is a matter of some importance to us to support the vital aims of Jambo Bukoba. We are all the more pleased that we can achieve this together with our customers within a sporting framework.”

Dr. Niclas Krauss
President of the southern postal branch

“We are delighted to help this charitable cause. The support of children is important for us; especially when it provides direct help – without being side-tracked!”

Eckhard Olszewski
Deutsche Post DHL Team at DHL Fashion GmbH in Kirchheim/Munich

Tansanische Botschaft


StartSocial / Allianz4Good

“With our Allianz retired experts programme we encourage the voluntary work of our colleagues, even after their active working-life here at Allianz. In this way we achieve a transfer of knowledge and key skills from the business world into society at large. We are delighted that two of our retired colleagues at Allianz supported Jambo Bukoba as coaches as part of our charitable business-planning scheme ‘StartSocial’. We strongly believe in the long-term philosophy of the charity and wish them every success in their future work in Tanzania.”

Astrid Kaltenegger
Head of Allianz4Good & Business Management

up2date GmbH

“We are really excited by the whole idea of Jambo Bukoba of providing joy, carefree activity and fun through sport. And in doing this they do not neglect the serious side of life, such as education about HIV, setting up schools and increasing opportunities.”

Carmen Weidmann und Karin von Pappenheim


“At Jambo Bukoba they don’t just talk but act. That impresses us and is in line with our own motto of ‘Working with friends’. And for this reason we at Friendsfactory are pleased to support this charity and have provided office space free of charge. Jambo Bukoba operates entirely within the spirit of Friendsfactory PLC.”

Gregor Gebhardt

Werkstatt54 GmbH

“In our work as advertisers we are mainly dealing with people and projects which promote prosperity and success. It’s all about sales figures, image, results and often glamorous pictures which show a deceptively beautiful world. We must not forget that there is also another world beyond the glitz and the glamour in which children above all urgently need our support. We are delighted to be able to support and contribute to the work of Jambo Bukoba and proud to be part of this splendid organization.”

Susanne Stelzer
Managing Director


“‘Do good and spread the word’ – for us this old PR election slogan hits the nail on the head. Jambo Bukoba is helping children in Tanzania and we talking to and with the public about it. Using our experience as journalists and our passionate interest in this scheme we bring the committed work behind this project to the attention of the media in a focused way and help send the charity confidently on its way.”

Michaela Friemer und Nicole Stadtmüller
Press and Public Relations

HypoVereinsbank – Member of UniCredit

“The HypoVereinsbank has been actively involved with Jambo Bukoba ever since its foundation because we believe the idea is fully worthy of our support and we have every confidence in the commitment of our colleague Clemens Mulokozi. The very impressive achievements of Jambo Bukoba up to this point have shown that we were right in our assessment, and we congratulate this new charity on its considerable success.”

Stefan Löbbert
Head of Corporate Sustainability

Deutsche See

“Deutsche See Fischmanufaktur is advocating in the region of Bukoba since many years and obtains amongst others the Lake Victoria bass. Our interest applied from the beginning not only for the fish but also for the people and families in this region.

We are happy to support Jambo Bukoba with their philosophy, concept and expertise. Especially the commitment of our employers and distributors made it possible to support the Bonanza Finals 2014, where more than 1.000 pupils were welcomed in the stadium.”

Tammo Schäfer
Corporate Communications


“The founder of Jambo Bukoba, Clemens, and his team have created a sustainable and unique concept to teach kids in Tansania about topics such as AIDS, equality and education. The main aim of the organization is to transfer knowledge and self-confidence through sports in order to reduce HIV infections. The idea behind it: knowledge is power. The 121WATT shares this idea. As one of the best online marketing training providers, we share knowledge in all areas of online marketing. Since 2014 we are a partner of Jambo Bukoba and help manage their Google Adwords account. Additionally, we offer online marketing trainings adapted to the organization’s needs. We are looking forward to seeing an impact of our work in form of further supporters and donators for this great cause.”

Alexander Holl



„CromeArt is supporting the project „Jambo Bukoba“ as we’re convinced that our children depend on grown up’s protection and guidance.

This project with its great mixture of sports, fun and educational advertising makes a contribution to a better childhood and a better future.”

Petra Patzelt
Head of Customer Relations, CromeArt


LSS Lukas Sperling Stiftung

“We have supported Jambo Bukoba since we got to know Clemens and his team through a friend. One of the aims of our charitable donations is to support the foundation and continuing welfare of schools in developing countries. As our own project in Tanzania has not been successful, we have decided to help Tumaini Primary School in the Kagera region renovate their school. As a direct result of our financial contribution amongst other things classrooms and staff rooms for teachers have been renovated and a wall around the school is planned to make it more secure. I am particularly pleased that Jambo Bukoba strongly supports the education of girls.”

Beate Sperling-Gebhardt
Chair of the Lukas Sperling Foundation




„We are deeply moved and inspired by Jambo Bukoba’s power and achievements. Its way of creating sustainable impact for generations with truly helpful and meaningful programs is just amazing. Our entire team is thererfore proud to support Jambo Bukoba with creative ideas from our Sponsoring and CSR expertise.“

Johanna Bormann and Peter Mruk
Managing Partner



Regional Commissioner’s Office, Kagera Region

“Kagera region implements the UN resolution entitled “Sport as a means to promote education, health, development and peace”. The resolution encourages the use of sports as a vehicle to foster development and strengthen education, prevent disease, empower girls and women, promote the inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities, and facilitate conflict prevention and peace-building. We thank Jambo Bukoba for developing the Life Skills through Games concept in Kagera region. And we are confident that the work of Jambo Bukoba will increase awareness among all stake holders about using sports as a tool for development and peace.”

Fikira R. Kissimba
Ag. Regional Administrative Secretary Kagera Region – Tanzania

Andreas Meindl

Andreas is a founder member of Jambo Bukoba. As Treasurer he scrutinises the income and expenditure of the charity. The first question we ask him is “What is the main reason for your involvement with Jambo Bukoba?” English interview transcript

Stephen Gonzaga
Project manager in Tanzania
+255 755 716 615
+255 784 531 669

Stephen Gonzaga was born in Tanzania. As the full-time project manager in Tanzania he holds workshops, directs the evaluation of the programme and has face to face contact with our partner organisations there. He is a trained teacher and he got to know about Jambo Bukoba through a workshop. In the interview he explains what he particularly likes about his work.

Nicole Stadtmüller
Press officer
+49 (0)175 / 2435459

Nicole is responsible for Jambo Bukoba‘s press relations. Together with their colleagues from the Agency Weigang PRO at Würzburg she works to make our activities for children in Tanzania known and to attract new supporters for Jambo Bukoba.

Sophie Glaesner

Sophie supervises the work of the work experience students in Tanzania and is active in fundraising. In the conversation she first describes how her work with Jambo Bukoba came about. Some time ago she came across mention of Jambo Bukoba on the internet… English interview transcript

Henny Geldermann

Henny looks after our Partners at Jambo Bukoba und helps with the accounting. Henny’s und Clemens’ paths crossed at work. They were colleagues. In the interview Henny recalls working together and how their involvement emerged from this. English interview transcript

Vera Bischoff
Membership Secretary
+49 (0)8446 / 92 92 77

Vera is responsible for the membership at Jambo Bukoba. She is also the contact person for potential members who may have questions or concerns. In the interview she describes what she most likes about her work at Jambo Bukoba. English interview transcript

Oskar Kugler
Dialogue marketing

“I support Jambo Bukoba because it is a long-term and sustainable project in which I can get actively involved. The use of our funds is completely transparent, the expenditure for administration and organization is very low. You can see how the project can continue to develop and, despite its voluntary nature, it operates on a very professional basis.”

Bernd Bischoff

As a long-serving member Bernd experienced the early years of Jambo Bukoba at first hand. Amongst other things he works as auditor for the charity. In the interview he tells us about his responsibilities in this area. English interview transcript

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