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New bilingual Teacher‘s Manual to download free of charge | Jambo Bukoba

New bilingual Teacher‘s Manual to download free of charge

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Just how sport and games can improve the opportunities for a better life for children and young people, is demonstrated in the new Teacher’s Manual „Life Skills through Games“. This guide complements and gives examples of the extensive teaching pro-gramme which sports specialist Sebastian Rockenfeller has developed specifically for teachers in Tanzania. This is the first Teacher’s Manual of its kind and is produced in two languages, in English and the native language of Tanzania, Swahili.

Sebastian Rockenfeller

Sebastian Rockenfeller

In the 101 page manual Sebastian Rockenfeller explains in parallel texts the fundamentals of the teaching programme for sports teachers which he developed principally in Tanzania itself. In addition he provides Tanzanian teachers with a theoretical basis alongside practical teaching suggestions for sports lessons – for example how to plan and develop a lesson or how the teacher should behave in front of the pupils.

Very clearly and with the aid of many pictures, Sebastian, who is a qualified sports scientist, describes exercises which not only provide physical training but also help improve life chan-ces. In this way through games children learn respect for each other and confidence in each other as well as developing self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. At a further stage the exercises offer access to sensitive subjects such as health (HIV/Aids) and education and equal opportunities for girls. Sebastian explains his aim as follows: „It is my sincere hope that with our help teachers can provide a high standard of teaching which makes an important difference to the development of each individual child.“

The programme for teacher training

Clemens Mulokozi

Clemens Mulokozi, founder and chairman Jambo Bukoba

The Teacher’s Manual „Life Skills Through Games“ explains the theoretical basis and the practical expertise contained in the 5-day workshops which the Munich-based Jambo Bukoba charity has organised in the Kagera region of Tanzania. Clemens Mulokozi who is the founder and chairman of Jambo Bukoba is delighted to state that: „We are very proud that we are now able to present our thoughts and aims, derived from our experience and which can now be put into practice in a book which teachers can consult regularly as a source of good ideas.“

Dr. Karen Petry, Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

Dr. Karen Petry, German Sports University in Cologne

As a means of encouraging teacher training for sports teachers and supported by the Foreign Office, the German Olympic Association sent Sebastian Rockenfeller to Tanzania for eight months in order to provide expertise in sports education. The German Sports University in Cologne supported Sebastian both financially and with their expertise in producing this book. This training programme is now the basis for the work of Jambo Bukoba in the area around the city of Bukoba.

Visible Success
As a teacher and trainer in outdoor, anti-violence and social skills training Sebastian Rocken-feller is encouraged every day to extend his work on social skills training through exercise and sport. „My work in Tanzania and the results I have seen have once again shown me that a high-quality sport and games programme aimed at the prevailing educational needs and conditions provides a unique opportunity to prepare people in a sustainable way for their future.“

The results so far demonstrate the success of our training programme in Tanzania. Teachers at 310 schools have received professional training. 155,000 children have benefited from this and have received a total of 6,510 sets of sports equipment. Clemens Mulokozi points out that: „In spite of these very real achievements, we still have a long way to go along the path of equal opportunities and a good education in Bukoba. We promise that any help you wish to give through a donation will be used where it is most needed.“


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