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Who does what at Jambo Bukoba – Interviews | Jambo Bukoba

Who does what at Jambo Bukoba – Interviews

Clemens Mulokozi
+49 (0)173 / 4 333 202

Why did you found Jambo Bukoba?
The main reason is that from the age of 5 to 12 I grew up in Tanzania. I know what life is like for children over there.

Why sport?
Sport and games offer the opportunity for children who are really mad about sport to approach you because you are providing something they do not have. And if you choose the right games, you can also enlighten them in an informal way about such matters as AIDS and HIV and equality of opportunity. In this way you can start a conversation.

How is Jambo Bukoba different from other organisations?
What makes us different is the scientific basis provided by our link with the Sports University in Cologne. We are different because we do everything collectively, we see eye to eye in all things and really involve every individual.

How does this cooperation work in practice?
Routinely every Tuesday at 5.30 in the morning we have a discussion using Skype with the project manager and those working on the spot in Tanzania. Once or twice a year we travel to Tanzania to inspect at first hand how the work is being carried out over there.

What is special about Jambo Bukoba?
We are passionate about what we do. We do it with both heart and head. We try to do everything as professionally as possible.

Who helps you in this work?
They are like-minded people who want to give young people and children in this region better prospects. They want to give something of themselves, with their individual strengths they devote time and bring passion and idealism to the project. We all have something to offer.

Your hopes for the future?
We want to want to develop this whole area to the point where parents and children are proud that they grow up here because the numbers of those suffering from HIV/Aids are going down, because girls have better opportunities and because children and young people receive an education which gives them better prospects for finding work and for their future so that they can help the country to develop.

Andreas Meindl

What is important for you with Jambo Bukoba?
I want the money to be spent directly on the spot in Tanzania and our help to be sustainable. They are the two most important points, and for that reason we try to work very professionally, and I believe we achieve that.

How do you achieve that?
We inspect these schools after 6 months and examine how our ideas have been put into practice and what has become part of their daily lives. The schools which perform outstandingly well, where the Senior Management team, teachers and pupils carry out our ideas, can be selected as “green schools”.

What is the aim of these “green schools”?
We want these schools to have what they urgently need. Together with the Tanzanian government we support these schools. It’s important that it is not only us who give money, but that the government contributes 25%. We provide the remaining 75%.

On average Jambo Bukoba invests 90% of its entire income in Tanzania. How do you manage that?
First of all we manage that because we all work voluntarily, even the Committee and the many helpers we have. A lot of people have got together who with their various talents and in different ways contribute to the success of the whole venture.

Florian Amberg
Press Officer

How closely are the members of Jambo Bukoba involved with the project?
As members we decide collectively what should happen to the money. In addition every month or sometimes even every week, we receive reports about how the money has been spent and what the future challenges are.

What kind of people is Jambo Bukoba looking for?
We are not a big name. We are not an organisation supported by thousands of people. You might see that as a disadvantage, but it can also be very positive. It is for those who want to be part of an organisation committed to direct action, where you are closely involved, where you can personally contribute through your own ideas and abilities. In my view these are the kind of people attracted to Jambo Bukoba. Or put another way, we are very interested in involving such people.

Who are the people behind Jambo Bukoba?
We are a very mixed bunch in lots of ways, age, interests, abilities, the experience which we bring. But there is a uniting factor, which embraces everything. On the one hand we want to bring about change through interaction, by working together, and not sitting on our own in a room. And on the other hand the belief in the power of sport to bring about change. At first sight this may seem a crazy idea to make children and young people strong through sport. But the people here are motivated by this idea and engage in lively discussion about it. I think this is a major reason why this very motley group is kept together.

Sophie Glaesner

You got to know JB via the website…
That appealed to me very much because I had just visited my son in Tanzania. I knew the town of Bukoba, and i had been greeted by the word “Jambo” for three weeks, and I liked that very much. I got in touch with Clemens and I was won over by the kind of help he was putting in place. And this is how I got involved with Jambo Bukoba.

What do you like about Jambo Bukoba?
I find the underlying idea wonderful; that by training sports teachers you can give young people and children the chance to have fun and to learn a lot. The children are educated directly, they learn about HIV, their educational opportunities are increased. It’s such a nice idea that these things can be achieved through Games lessons.

What are your hopes for the future of Jamb Bukoba?
I want those working for Jambo Bukoba to continue their outstanding work and that we in Munich find more volunteers who help us with our fund-raising events and help to make JB better known.

Henny Geldermann

As a former colleague of Clemens, how did you join Jambo Bukoba?
He was a great colleague and a great person to know. And when I heard what he was doing, I knew that it was a good project, carried out with great sincerity. And the idea of linking this to sport appeals to me because I have always been keen on sport.

What is important for you at Jambo Bukoba?
I know the money is well invested, and whilst we do not live by money alone, we can achieve much through many good, small ideas. We are also kept well informed with the latest news.

How does that work?
In our monthly meetings we hear about what is being done, and we have the chance to influence things and to contribute our ideas. I think the creative part ist hat the charity is not run by one or two people but by the entire membership.

How would you characterise the cooperation at Jambo Bukoba?
We have this sense of community, that nobody tries to dominate, but we are all working on this together. And I think that gives us a lot of strength… I am really excited about where it will end up!

Vera Bischoff
Membership Secretary

What do you like most about Jambo Bukoba?
That you really hear from people who are working on the spot in Tanzania and that we don’t simply sit here in Germany and think how we as Germans would do that. It’s really important to look closely at the conditions out there and see what is possible.

What is really important for you about your involvement?
That teachers are trained and that this is properly supervised. So when students are sent over there and write their dissertations or other specialist essays, there is always some supervision. There must always be someone on the spot, and that is now happening because we are growing in size and more and more volunteers are being sent over there. I think that’s a great system.

How has the membership developed in the year between June 2012 and June 2013?
We have doubled in size; the project is growing and growing, and it’s great. We have simply increased in number, and it has become more and more varied and we have more creative thinkers in the team, and everyone has a new idea and tries it out to see if we can make use of it. Really good projects have come about in this way.

Bernd Bischoff

What do you do as auditor?
An auditor must check that movement of money in the accounts is always backed by invoices and documentation. If they match, then he can approve the work of the Treasurer in the annual report.

How does Jambo Bukoba spend its money?
My impression is that money is always very accurately targeted in Tanzania – for the children living over there, for JB’s aims, and very little indeed for administration. Most of the work is done voluntarily, and any money spent in Germany has the specific aim of making the work in Tanzania more effective.

What is the result in Tanzania?
That classrooms are being equipped. You can see quite clearly that these two rooms have a new floor – by comparison with the previous floor which was just bare earth. And what I find great is that we achieve that through direct action.

What do you like about Jambo Bukoba?
That the charity is small. It has grown from small beginnings and it lays great emphasis on the commitment of its members. That’s the aim of the charity, and we have a very committed membership.

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