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Jambo Bukoba

What does Jambo Bukoba do?

We promote education, health and equality
for children in Tanzania!

Giving them strength in the fight against AIDS

Through games and sport we build a relationship with children and young people and create an atmosphere of trust in which it is easier for them to speak about the sensitive subject of AIDS. By playing sport they can gain confidence and respect for each other as well as learning about team spirit and looking after their health in a responsible way.

3 von 5 mit HIV-/AIDS-Infizierten sind zwischen 15 und 24 Jahren.

Background: Kagera used to be the region in Tanzania with the highest proportion of those suffering from HIV/AIDS. Thanks to an increased awareness about HIV/AIDS the number of those infected has decreased. In 2008 the population of Kagera was 2.4 million, of which 900,000 were children between the ages of 5 and 19. One in four children had lost at least one parent.


Giving them strength in the struggle for equal opportunities

Because sporting success increases self-confidence, we would like to extend sporting opportunities for girls. We see this as a means of reducing unwanted pregnancies and HIV infection. Studies have shown that girls who actively engage in sport do not become sexually active so early. And above all it reduces prejudice amongst boys when they see the girls’ sporting skills displayed so powerfully.

4 von 5 HIV-AIDS-Infizierten zwischen 15 und 24 Jahren sind Mädchen.

Background: In many extended families in Tanzania all hopes for a good education and subsequent success are placed on the eldest son. Education for girls has a much lower priority. Girls often leave school early because they marry or have to work to support the family. Additional reasons for girls not completing their education are pregnancies or infection with HIV/AIDS.


Give them strength to gain a better education

We want to improve learning conditions in schools in the Kagera region – not simply through sporting activity but also through school meals, more tables and chairs and accommodation. The number of schools with which we can work in future will depend upon our resources on the ground and the commitment of the schools involved.

Jeder 4te über 15 Jahren kann nicht lesen und schreiben.

Background: Schoolchildren are often not adequately looked after either at home or in school, and in many cases must walk up to 10 miles (15 km) to school. The classroom facilities often leave a lot to be desired. 1 in 5 pupils leaves school without any qualifications. Girls are particularly badly affected.


Support and encouragement through Sport

During the 5-day training sessions called “Life Skills through Games“ sports teachers learn about games which can help educate pupils about HIV and AIDS and further develop their social skills. In addition general teaching skills such as planning and structuring a Games lesson and how to conduct a lesson are a fundamental part of the training. The programme is the fruit of eight months’ work by Sebastian Rockenfeller, who is a specialist in Sport and Development and who was commissioned to work for Jambo Bukoba by the Foreign Office and the German Olympic Federation in conjunction with the German Sports University in Cologne.

“Life Skills through Games” is designed to meet the needs and conditions on the ground in Tanzania. It is now the basis for the work of Jambo Bukoba in the area around the city of Bukoba. The handbook “Life Skills through Games” brings together both the teaching philosophy and the practical requirements of the teacher training programme.


What we have achieved so far


What we are currently doing

Find out the latest news at “What’s new?”

The following areas are the current focus of our involvement in Tanzania:
- We train sports teachers through our workshops.
- We provide schools with sports equipment.
- We are making assessments of the needs of the schools.
- We re-furbish eight schools per year.
- We are organizing sporting competitions for the pupils. (Bonanzas)
90 Prozent Spendeneinsatz vor Ort.

Income and Expenditure

We use your donations and your membership fee responsibly. The administration of the Jambo Bukoba charity is conducted as far as possible on a completely voluntary basis. The Chairman and Committee receive no payment for their work or materials used. The cost of staff simply relates to the employment of our project manager, Stephen Gonzaga, and co-project manager, Imani Paul, who are based in Tanzania. 80% of our funds are spent directly in Tanzania.
Advertising and publicity are essential if we are to spread the word about the Jambo Bukoba charity and to find more sponsorship. We at Jambo Bukoba keep these, however, to a minimum.
Here is an overview of previous years.

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